Most people incorrectly assume that theft is the most common and costliest form of property damage while they are away from their home on vacation.

85% of Americans lock their windows and doors before going on vacation. However, water leaks should instead be your main concern when going on vacation. Data from the Insurance Information Institute shows that water leaks are four times more likely to occur than thefts while you are away from home. Additionally, water leaks can get worse the longer they remain unnoticed. Here are a few tips to keep your worries at bay while you enjoy a vacation:

  1. Turn off your main water supply before traveling.
  2. Check for any leaks around plumbing fixtures and ceiling seams prior to departure.
  3. Ask a trusted neighbor or friend to check on your home while you are away.
  4. Install a water shut-off device.
  5. Know your home insurance policy and what it covers.

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